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BESARKADA Award 2022 - Distancias (Susan Béjar)

Sometimes, a crazy looking person enters the subway, and suddenly, a void is created around him. But what would happen if you chose to stay and treat him kindly? Perhaps, you would discover that inside him, there is someone who was once sane. Or maybe, you would discover, that deep down, we are all a little insane.

Direction: Susan Béjar
Cast: Ana Villa, Edu Rejón
Script: Susan Béjar
Production: Susan Béjar
Cinematography: Imanol Nabea
Art: Andrés López Rosas
Editing: Guillermo A. Chaia
Sound: Federico Pájaro
Music: Julián Alvarez Chaia

Shooting Place: Madrid
Year of production: 2020
Genre: Ficción
Running time: 13 min.
Country: España

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