An eighth year of awareness

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“8 years of Homeless are 8 raising awareness among citizens through cinema and theater, both very powerful weapons of social transformation.” With this phrase from presenter Xabier Madariaga, a highly anticipated final gala of the VIII Homeless Film Festival has begun. Today’s afternoon has been entirely aimed at social cinema, and the audience has been able to enjoy short films with social themes, made by all types of people.

After an interesting introduction by the presenter As in the morning screening, the short films broadcast were “Un día en la vida” and “Mil Colores”.

And from Bizitegi’s shorts to Kalean’s, and once again this year they wanted to recognize the winning short film of the Kalean section of the Santurzine Festival. This time the recognition went to the short film “Muga”, made by Eñaut Castagnet. Among the short films in the Kalean section, you could also enjoy the short film “Katalinaren Zoria”, directed by Guillermo Ordás.

Next, a collaboration that is closer every year has become visible, and once again the UPV/EHU students have participated in the creation of various short films. Thus, Miren Gabantxo, doctor in Advertising and professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, has introduced the dynamics carried out at the university, to then screen the winning short film of this edition. The selected work was “Huellas”, made by Anna Markotan, Ane Navarro, Naia Pérez and Lydia De Lera.

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The afternoon has progressed amidst cheers and applause, and thus the time has come to enjoy the short films selected in the Official Section. The public was able to enjoy the screening of “Poetas de Guardia”, directed by Javier Gómez Bello. And immediately afterwards, the Besarkada Prize was awarded to the winning short film “Todo va bien” directed by Adrián Ordóñez. The director himself and Hassan, the protagonist of the short film, have come from Malaga to Bizkaia Aretoa to present their work and chat with the audience.

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Once again, the Homeless Film Festival has managed to stir the emotions of the people attending, and this time it has done so in a special way for Aitor Ipiña, the manager of Bizitegi. The festival wanted to recognize the idea that its predecessor had in bringing the festival from Manchester. Without a doubt, a special closing and at the level of what the festival deserves. Next year, more and better, and hopefully with its protagonists in a better situation.

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