The VIII Homeless Film Festival begins!

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The eighth edition of the Homeless Film Festival of Bilbao has seen the light. After months of preparations, rehearsals and moments of nervousness, all those people who make up the universe of the Homeless Film Festival have emerged from their cave, from La Cueva de Salamanca!

And the adaptation of this classic by Miguel de Cervantes has been the first work that has been performed today on the stage of the Bizkaia Aretoa. The Kuskurrum company, one of the festival’s veterans, has been in charge of opening the morning screening of the Homeless Film Festival 2023, in what was going to be the preamble to a day entirely dedicated to theater. To enjoy it, around 300 students from schools have come to Bizkaia Aretoa, and among others, the company directed by Clotilde Pérez has been one of those in charge of entertaining the morning of those present. The version that Kuskurrum has presented of The Cave of Salamanca has moved the people present, and has undoubtedly been a great launch of the festival.

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And the path that takes us from the cave to the light undoubtedly passes through the Ibarrekolanda BHI station. After the Kuskurrum veterans, the youth has taken the stage with force, and the students of the Ibarrekolanda BHI Performing Arts Bachelor have presented a dance full of energy that has lifted the audience from their seats: During their presentation they have combined exotic rhythms with one of the recent hits of Basque music, the song “Denak begira daudelarik” by Olaia Inziarte, ending her intervention with a powerful message addressed to the public. Once again, the students of Ibarrekolanda BHI have put their talent and work in the hands of Homeless, which undoubtedly helps to illuminate Bizkaia Aretoa year after year.

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And from those people who still have a lot to live, to those who have lived so much, Zenbatu. The company directed by Iván Iparraguirre is a true survivor of the Homeless Film Festival, and this year they have presented to the public a work that lives up to its being, “Surviving”. This year, the Zenbatu company has also had a luxury collaboration, the Swiss community theater group “Crazy Birds”, which has undoubtedly contributed to offering a more complete representation of its work.

Once again, November is once again synonymous with the Homeless Film Festival in Bilbao. And this has only just begun, in the afternoon, the theater festival continues at the Bizkaia Aretoa. Do not miss it!